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Don't drink alcohol or use some anti-anxiety medicines or sleeping pills. Alcohol, some anti-anxiety medicines and some sleeping pills can worsen obstructive sleep apnea and sleepiness.

Therapy Treatments for Sleep Apnea Multiple non-invasive treatment options for sleep apnea exist, some of which are more effective than others. Non-surgical options fall into two categories: positive airway pressure (PAP) devices and oral appliances.

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Also referred to as upper airway stimulation, hypoglossal nerve stimulation is a newer treatment recommended for people who have moderate to severe OSA and cannot tolerate a PAP machine.

A sleep apnea dentist is a dental professional who specializes in treating patients who have sleep apnea.

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If you’re still not sure if you have sleep apnea, we encourage you to take our short quiz below to understand whether you may be affected.

Sometimes the act of unwinding is more than just your mind. Fast Asleep is a botanical nightcap that helps put muscles in a state of complete relaxation.

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In addition, contact your health care team if you still snore despite treatment, if you begin snoring again, or if your weight goes up or down by 10% or more.

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An oral appliance for sleep apnea is an oral device that helps keep the airway open during sleep. It’s designed to be worn at night and only during sleep. It’s made of hard plastic, and it’s inserted into the mouth like a retainer or mouth guard.

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